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We are producing professional videos to take your brand to the next level. Let’s show your business in its finest form and reach your target audience effectively.

We work with

marketing agencies

serviced-based businesses

educational institutes

real estate owners/agents

If you need promotional/educational videos for your business, we are producing them from A to Z. Our goal is to address your audience by creating engaging video content that nails viewers in front of the screen.

Videó lejátszása

Our services


Video production from idea to the final cut. We take care of every element of marketing video creation.


You record, we edit the videos. Ideal for marketing agencies, or clients all over the world. Just send us the raw video, and we make the final cut..


Would you like to get everything in one package? Outsource your project to us and watch the outstanding results.

Our projects

Videó lejátszása
Videó lejátszása
Videó lejátszása
Videó lejátszása
Videó lejátszása
Videó lejátszása

Working together

Step 01

Contact us

Let’s talk about your business and target audience to get the whole picture for the project.

Step 02


Now we’ve made the script and prepared the cameras, microphones and other equipment. It’s time for the shooting day!

Step 03


The raw footage is in our hands. So here comes the adding of video and audio after effects for the perfect end result.

Step 04

Final product

In the last stage we send the final video to you and waiting your feedback. When you accept the final cut we upload and optimize your videos.


How long should my online video be?

It depends on the placement and the type of the video. A video ad is only 15-30 sec, meanwhile the optimal YouTube video length is a few minutes. An interview / podcast can be easily an hour or more.

How large is the DLX MEDIA crew?

We have 3 full time filmmaker and 6-8 people in the back (video editing, social media and more)

How long will it take to produce my video?

An average video production from the idea to the final cut is about 4-8 weeks, but some videos can be done much quicker. Usually the most time-consuming part is the approval process, and the planning.

What about graphics and branding?

The DLX MEDIA team can help you in social media management, branding and communication as well! Let’s talk about your ideas!

Can you add subtitles to your videos?

Of course, we can level up your videos with subtitles, transitions, animations, stock videos and voiceovers in order to stand out from the crowd!

How much does the video production cost?

It depends on the location, the necessary crew size, the equipment and the time, but usually the budget is around 4000-8000 EUR

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Let’s talk about your project within a completely free and untied consultation with our marketing video experts.

Our marketing agency specializes in producing videos and delivering them to the people who are valuable for your business.

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Let’s talk about your project within a completely free and untied consultation with our marketing video experts.

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